Extended Range of Vision (Symfony Lens)

Extended Range of Vision (Symfony Lens)

TECNIS Symfony® IOL: Treat Cataracts & Presbyopia with One Lens

During cataract surgery, your cloudy, yellowed lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. Not all intraocular lenses (IOLs) are the same. Some offer clear vision at a single distance (monovision lenses). Some offer clear vision at multiple distances (multifocal lenses). Some can correct astigmatism (toric lenses).

At Eye Associates of Tucson, we are proud to offer our cataract patients another option for a broader range of clear vision: the TECNIS Symfony® Extended Range of Vision IOL. Not all practices offer this lens option! This is the first and only extended depth of focus lens that is FDA approved for cataract patients. The Symfony lens can actually address the problem of presbyopia (the need for reading glasses) while also correcting your cataract. The Symfony lens provides continuous, high-quality vision resulting in:

  • Improved up close reading vision
  • Clear distance vision
  • Seamless nighttime to daytime vision
  • Low risk of glare and halos around lights

Presbyopia occurs in most people over age 40 and it gets worse as time goes by. It is caused when the eye lens loses flexibility, making it increasingly difficult for the eyes to focus on up close tasks such as reading text messages, labels, books, etc. While reading glasses can help, many people find it frustrating when these vision aids are required to read. The Symfony lens can restore up close visual freedom. 

To learn more about the Symfony IOL option in Tucson, contact us today to schedule a cataract consultation.

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