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Lifestyle Lenses

Lifestyle Lenses: Your Options for Clear Vision

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During cataract surgery your eye’s natural lens is removed. This is necessary because the protein build-up on the lens cannot be separated from the lens. After the lens is removed, your Tucson cataract doctor will insert a new lens to restore clear vision. The good news is that the replacement lens options are amazing.

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are artificial lenses that provide clarity to your vision. In the past, cataract patients only had one option: monofocal lenses that provided clear vision for one distance only.

Today there are a variety of Lifestyle Lenses that have advanced features for clear vision at multiple distances.

  • Extended Depth of Focus IOL to provide a continuous, extended range of vision.
  • Multifocal IOLs with multiple focusing points to allow for distance (driving), intermediate (computer) and up-close vision (reading or seeing your phone). Your surgeon can advise you if you are a candidate for this lens.
  • Toric IOLs to correct astigmatism. Toric’s are important if you want to have less dependency on glasses. Not all patients need a toric lens implant.

Lifestyle lenses can reduce or completely eliminate your need for reading glasses or bifocals after cataract surgery in Tucson.

The Choice is Yours

You will make the decision about which IOL to choose during your consultations and exams with your doctor. The various pros and cons of each IOL will be discussed in detail, allowing you to make the best decision for your lifestyle, vision goals and budget. Your doctor can make recommendations for you, but ultimately the choice is yours.

To learn more about the different types of replacement lenses for cataract surgery, contact us today to schedule an eye exam. You can find out which Lifestyle Lens might be right for you.

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