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Toric Lenses

Toric Lenses: Correct Astigmatism During Cataract Surgery

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Many patients come to Eye Associates of Tucson with not only cataracts but also astigmatism (with or without nearsightedness and farsightedness). Having worn glasses or contact lenses their entire lives, they are often surprised to learn that having cataract surgery can also correct their astigmatism as well.

Toric Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) are Lifestyle Lenses that replace the cloudy lens that is removed during cataract surgery. Toric IOLs have different focusing powers in different areas of the lens to allow for clear vision at all distances. The lens is permanently placed in the exact position in the eye to adjust for the unique shape of your cornea.

Toric Lifestyle lenses can reduce or completely eliminate your need for reading glasses or bifocals after cataract surgery in Tucson.

Learn More About Toric Lenses

During a consultation with your Tucson cataract doctor, you can learn more about the cost of Toric IOLs, what type of vision could be achieved and if you might be a good candidate for this type of Lifestyle Lens. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.  

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