Are Eye Floaters Normal?

Are Eye Floaters Normal?

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We rely on our eyesight for so much of our everyday life, it is easy to worry over the slightest change in vision. Some things are not cause for concern initially but should be monitored over time along with any other changes you may be experiencing. This is true in the case of eye floaters. Eye floaters are small spots or squiggles that move around in your field of vision. If your field of vision has always been clear and you notice these spots seemingly out of the blue, you may wonder “are eye floaters normal?”

Eye floaters are surprisingly common, affecting about 7 out of 10 people. They can show up at any time but for a lot of people they become noticeable after looking at something bright, such as the sun. Blinking often causes them to disappear but if you still notice them, eye floaters are usually harmless. Eye floaters are a normal part of aging and can affect both eyes but usually begin in one eye at a time. They occur when the vitreous gel, the clear substance that coats the eye, changes due to age. When the vitreous shrinks or thickens, particles form in the gel blocking light from entering the eye, casting shadows or shapes down on the retina. The result is eye floaters. 

Eye floaters are normal until they are not. As long as eye floaters are not impairing your vision and are just a nuisance, you have no need to be concerned. However, if eye floaters are brought on suddenly accompanied by flashes of light, blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision, and an increase in the number of floaters, seek immediate medical attention. With these symptoms, it is likely you are experiencing retinal detachment. 

Eye floaters are common with age, typically over age 50, but can affect anyone. Higher risk factors include those who are nearsighted, those with diabetes, those who have had eye issues previously such as swelling in the eye and those who have previously undergone cataract surgery. 

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