How Long Do I Have to Wait for Full Results or Restoration of Eyesight?

How Long Do I Have to Wait for Full Results or Restoration of Eyesight?

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One of the many benefits of LASIK is the promise of clearer vision immediately following surgery. However, vision can fluctuate as the eyes continue to heal and eventually stabilize. Following your doctor’s prescribed recovery care plan after surgery is critical to a full and successful recovery. If you are wondering how long you will have to wait for full results or restoration of eyesight, Eye Associates of Tucson provides education and instructions to ensure a safe and full recovery while preventing complications.

While patients who undergo LASIK surgery have noticeably improved vision after surgery, the first 24 hours of recovery are necessary for resting the eyes and monitoring any symptoms you may experience. These symptoms include dryness in the eyes, discomfort especially as the numbing anesthetic begins to wear off, eye irritation that may include a burning or itching sensation, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, glares or halos, and tiny areas of bleeding on the whites of the eyes. Guidelines for recovery begin with avoiding rubbing the eyes or putting any pressure on them to ensure you do not dislodge the flap that was created in the cornea and to prevent infection. Resting the eyes and avoiding bright lights is necessary the first few hours after surgery. In the 24 hours after surgery, you will want to limit strain on your eyes by avoiding reading, watching television, or utilizing screen time as much as possible. Usually within 24-48 hours of surgery you will have an appointment with your eye surgeon to test your vision and examine your eyes and then you will be scheduled for additional assessments as you heal. Within 1 to 2 weeks, you will likely be cleared to resume exercising and return to most daily activities, although a protective shield and wearing UV protective sunglasses when outdoors will be recommended. Ultimately full recovery varies by patient but typically vision will stabilize within three to six months post-surgery. Significant refractive errors such as myopia may take longer to heal.

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages LASIK eye surgery offers, the experienced and thorough surgeons at Eye Associates of Tucson will provide you with an in-depth consultation that will determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK as well as determine what you recovery timeline will look like so you have a better understanding of how long you will wait for full results or restoration of eyesight. Call 520-888-6600 or schedule online at WEBSITE

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